Super Text Mesh

Q: Should I get Super Text Mesh on or the Unity Asset Store?

Pros of buying on
Pros of buying on the Unity Asset Store:
Q: What font types are supported?
TrueType Fonts (.ttf) and OpenType Fonts (.otf) are both supported and can be used with Super Text Mesh immediately. Any font that uses Unity's custom fonts work. Signed Distance Field (SDF) fonts are also supported, but they need to be converted first.

Q: How can I attribute you in my game's credits?

You could credit the asset directly with something like this:
Or if you really want to hide that you're using Unity Assets, this could also work:

Q: What versions of Unity are supported?

Out of the box, Super Text Mesh works with Unity 5.3.4 and up, as this is the first version on Unity that supported future-safe platform-dependent compilation. It should work in older versions, but the platform-dependent code will need to be edited by hand.